Printing procedures - Resin Coated Papers - Quick Reference.
John Sappington's Art 36
Negative Enlargement:

1) Insert negative into the carrier.
2) Use blower and brush to remove dust and lint. (be sure to brush both sides in 2 directions)
3) Insert carrier into enlarger.
4) Power on the enlarger and set lamp to focus.
5) Open lens to widest aperture.
6) Raise or lower enlarger head to size the image within the easel borders.
7) Focus the negative using the grain focuser.
8) Return aperture to smaller diameter 5.6 or above (8,11,16)
8) Set enlarger lamp to time and adjust time dials to the appropriate timing.

* Time and contrast filter selection should be based on test strip results.
9) Insert paper into speed easel and expose.

Print Development:

1) Slip print into developer (emulsion side down) and agitate (consistent agitation).
2) Flip developing print emulsion up and resubmerge (continuous agitation) - 1-2 min.
3) Lift print and drain.
4) Slip print (emulsion side down) into stop bath and agitate -AVOID TOUCHING STOP BATH WITH THE TONGS - 30 seconds. Return developer tongs to developer tray.
5) Flip, lift and drain.
6) Slip print into fixer (agitate continuously) - 2 min.
7) Lift and drain.
8) Place print in water wash - until final wash is prepared.
9) Place prints in tray and tranfer to final wash in CIRCULAR washer - 5 min.