Art 18.1
The Dynamic Image: Introduction to Artistic Practice in the Digital Age

Class Linkages

Amy Madden Links <--AMY's HOME PAGE

Forums: (anime forum) (korean forum) (Yu Watase Cel Forum) (Cel Forum)
and many more.....

Art Sites (my friends websites):
and many more...
(asian store where you can buy anything from
japanese/korean/chinese merchandise)
(anime search engine~ look up images/multimedia/news etc.)
(learn everything about japanese pop music industry)
(Takizawa Hideaki Fanlisting)

April Varellas Links

1. arts/art/default.htm



Guillermo Madrigal Links

The URLs below are of 2 categories, the first is yahoo groups, where
individuals post artwork scanned or other wise to share with others. It
is a little like a flowing stream, you never know what you will find
today and most likely what comes by tomorrow will be different. The
last URL is for someone's little photo art site that I came across.

Jenna Mendez Links

I like the gorilla girl gang animations @ this website:

I like the hammer and nail image @this site:

I like the simpsons images @this site:

Kathy Moores Links

This one looks like it would be fun to make!

This one allows you to edit existing clip art:

A cleaver way to show cartoons at their finest:

The possibilities are endless with this link to Disney's homepage:

This link branches to many creative ways to use computer graphics:

Alison Monk Links

Ab Art Online
Abstract Photography Gallery

Josh Geske Links i enjoy comic art spiderman, hulk, x-men, ect.
the way todd mcfarlane draws his comic characters is revolutionary and the toys his company produces are so fine in detail that they could be a model or sculpture if you go to u can go to photos and check out the photos of the week

Lewis Gold - Home - Portfolio

Jeff Holland Links
Well You asked for sies we freequent so here ya go.... These sites lean toward humor and comedy in a comic like fashion, Unless you play roleplaying games, video or tabletop or live action, you won't get the jokes for a few of them. If you don't... Well I'm sorry,