Interactive Authoring for Multimedia
Fall 2003
Location: BFL-205

Class Schedule: Lecture/Lab Mondays  7-9:50 PM

Instructor:  John Sappington -

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Course Syllabus

Online Syllabus:
The instructor will be available to assist students in the lab (BFL-207) by appointment. 


Students will learn methods of presenting information on the web independent of the restrictions of HTML and web authoring.  Using Director 8.5/ MX as our primary entry point into the discussion of Multimedia Computer Presentations, we will explore the many ways that Director allows users to integrate a variety of media into a single consolidated presentation. In their final assignments, students will be expected to design their own presentations utilizing animation, audio video and interactivity.  In order to more fully understand the specific concerns addressed by these interactive computer presentations, students will spend class time discussing  theories of interface design, information architecture, graphic design, typography, and animation.


Macromedia Director MX: For Windows and Macitosh, Visual Quickstart Guide, Andre Persidsky, Mark Schaeffer, Peachpit Press, 2003

Optional Technical texts :

Macromedia: Director MX and Lingo, Phil Gross, Macromedia Press, 2003..
Foundation Director 8.5, Dean Utian, Sam Humphries, Charles Parcell, Jose Rodriguez, Chuck Wainman, II, Luke Wigley, Friends of Ed, 2001.


Students are required to obtain backup media to store class example files and work in progress.

Optional media types are:

- 250MB Zip disks

- CD ROM, Write-once or Re Writable: Approx. capacity 700+MB 

- DVD ROM, Write-once or Re Writable: Approx. capacity 2-4 GB.

Students are also required to have an e-mail account.  This can be accessed through the lab and may be a free account like those available from Hotmail, Yahoo, Freemail, Excite, etc.  The instructor will assist students in obtaining an e-mail account if necessary only on the first day of class.  Students will be expected to check this e-mail account at least once a week.  General class announcements will be reported via e-mail.


50% of student grades will be based on class participation.  Students must attend class in order to effectively participate.

40% of student grades will be based on the completion of assigned exercises.  These exercises will not be graded for skill or content, but will be checked only for completion.  Incomplete assignments will be considered undone. 

10% of student grades will be determined by averaging grades on five evaluative class assignments and one final project.


Students are expected to attend all of every class meeting unless they have received prior permission from the instructor. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class meeting. Anyone absent when attendance is taken will be assumed absent from the class.   If you are late to class it is your responsibility to make sure your attendance is acknowledged by talking to the instructor. 

If you are intending to drop the class, it is your responsibility to drop the class.  You should not assume that the instructor will automatically drop you because of absences.  If you stop attending classes and you do not drop the class, and the instructor has not dropped you from the class; the instructor may be required to give you a grade of F for the class.

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Schedule Record and Resources - Weeks 1-9



Internet Resources-Links

Flash / Director Comparison Chart

Week 11

Complete Reviews ...


Week 12

Lingo Basics
Custom Cursors




Recommended Reading Links:

Macromedia Sample Movies - easy listing
How to create a fast-start Director stub projector
How to use an image as a splash screen for a projector
Launching an application with Lingo
Creating an AutoRun CD
Made with Macromedia logo requirements
Packaging Director Movies

Importing Illustrator Files
Alpha Channels - Photoshop to Director

Week 13

Online file access and Net Lingo



Week 14



Week 15

Review Elements of example file 11.03


Week 16

Review Export or output options and methods.

Week 17

Final Presentations